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Cuisines of Jharia

The city of Jharia, a part of Dhanbad in Jharkhand is considered to be an important commercial and economic centre. The cuisine of Jharia is simple, yet nutritious and is considered to be a combination of the choicest dishes from various states. Yet one gets to experience the unique cultural essence and flavour of this region reflected through its exotic and lip smacking dishes.

Popular Food of Jharia

The people of Jharia are fond of various vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. A typical thali consists of daal, rice, chapatti, green vegetables and aachar (pickle). Meat, pulses, eggs, fish form an integral part of the regular meals here. Litti Chokha is a popular Bihari dish, quite in demand among the residents as well as the tourists visiting Jharia. Spicy chicken is an all-time favourite of the non-vegetarian people belonging to Jharia. Mutton, chicken and fish form the major ingredients of the non-vegetarian dishes prepared here. Jhirool, drumstick flowers, handia – a local liquor variety made up of rice are popular among the tribals living in Jharia.

Food in Jharia

The cuisine of the people living in Jharia is tasty, healthy and nutritious owing to their distict style of cooking and the unique ingredients used. The regular food here is less spicy and therefore is easily digestible. Mustard oil is used as the medium of cooking. Use of a variety of vegetables, rice, panchforan – a combination of five aromatic seeds, are some of the ingredients that lend to the popular dishes in Jharia, their unique essence and flavour.

Snacks and Street Food in Jharia

Like every other Indian city, snacks and street food are quite popular among the people living in Jharia. Litti Chokha is one of the most sought after dishes, available in plenty in the road side eateries and food stalls in Jharia. This tangy dish tops the list of must taste items in Jharia. Pittha is a speciality of this region owing to its way of preparation and ingredients used, that adds to its taste and flavour, making it different from the ones available in Orissa and West Bengal. Barra, samosa, pakora, aloo chop and baingani chop, dhuska are some of the other popular delicacies in Jharia that are not to be missed. Other street foods like paani puri, vada pav, chole bhature are also enjoyed by people in Jharia, belonging to various sections of the society. The eateries and food stalls in prominent places in and around Jharia offer to the people a wide variety of lip smacking delicacies.

Popular Sweets of Jharia

Til Ladoo - a popular sweet in Jharia Sweets form an integral part of the cuisine of the people in Jharia. A variety of sweets are prepared, especially during festive occasions. Mitha Khaja is a delicious sweet dish, is prepared and exchanged with relatives and acquaintances during festive occasions like Diwali. Til Barfi and til ladoo are relished on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Mal Pua, thekua, rice ladoo, kheer, gajar halwa are some of the popular desserts that are relished by the people in Jharia. There are a number of sweet shops that sell a variety of traditional sweets, prepared in a hygienic manner to the people in Jharia. Govinda Sweets, Kandhenu Sweets, Murli Sweets are some of the popular sweet shops in Jharia.

Kamdhenu Sweets
Address: Digwadih, 10 No. Bazar, Jharia, Dhanbad - 828111
Contact No.: +(91)-9835102525 / +(91)-326-2380298

MODAK Sweets
Address: Thana Modak, Jharia, Jharia, Near Jharia Thana, Dhanbad - 828111
Contact No.: +(91)-9386930045

Rangoli Sweets
Address: Main Road, Jharia, Dhanbad, Main Road, Jharia, Jharia Market, Dhanbad - 828111
Contact No.: +(91)-9234867755

Gokul Sweets
Address: Dharamsala Road, Dhanbad, Dharamsala Road, Jharia, Dhanbad - 828111
Contact No.: +(91)-326-2460082

Noivadham Sweets
Address: Phularibad, Jharia, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, Main Road, Jharia, Dhanbad - 828111
Contact No.: +(91)-9263372006

Restaurants in Jharia

Jharia being a popular commercial and an industrial centre is home to various restaurants and eat outs. Apart from the local dishes, there are restaurants in and around Jharia that offer an array of global cuisines including Chinese, Continental, Mughlai and North Indian authentic dishes. You get to try here a variety of scrumptious and appetising vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes, catering to the taste buds of people belonging to all age groups.

Seventh Heaven Restaurant
Address: Gupta Bhawan, Main Road, Jharia, Dhanbad - 828111
Contact No.: +(91)-326-2240640

Kwality Bar & Restaurant
Address: Phularibad, Jharia, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, Main Road, Jharia, Dhanbad - 828111
Contact No.: +(91)-9334677023

Cafe Coffee Day
Address: Sri Ram Mall, Jharia Main Road, Jharia, Dhanbad - 828111
Contact No.: +(91)-9204064253

Status Resto Bar
Address: Nh 32, Jharia, Dhanbad - 828111

Thus , while on a visit to Jharia, do not forget to try out the local dishes that are popular here. Their exquisite aroma and finger licking taste will linger in your mind for a long while, evoking pleasant memories of this quaint little city.

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